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Whether you are a newcomer to the sport, a beginner who wants to improve, or a capable player seeking a new challenge. There are many reasons why East Brighton is the right choice. Its many advantages include:

  • Top-quality coaching – in groups or one-to-one - is on offer to players of all ages and standards.
  • East Brighton is a great course that is playable all year round and have no need of temporary tees or greens.
  • Good practice facilities, including a driving range, chipping green, putting area and indoor coaching studio.
  • The club is easily accessible by public transport all year round.
  • A safe, welcoming environment for new and existing members.
  • It’s easy to book tee times and find playing partners.
  • First year of new Junior membership is fantastic value at only £1 a week for annual membership (£52 a year).

East Brighton Junior teams have competed in the local Dockerills League and other county competitions with great success over the years. Many club players represent the county, several juniors have played in the East Brighton scratch team, and the current club champion is a Junior Member. Several players are second- or third-generation golfers from the same family, whose parents or grandparents have been at the club for decades. It’s a very friendly section of the club. If you are a beginner you will also find the club a great place to enjoy golf and improve your game. There are organised group coaching sessions for all levels, and when you’re ready to try for a handicap friendly club members will take you round and mark your card.

You can book tee times in advance online or on your phone, you can turn up by bus if your parents are busy – it’s a great place to enjoy yourself in the school holidays.

Adam O'Brien

Junior Captain

Junior Members Code Of Conduct


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