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Covid-19 Catering Guidelines

Clubhouse Access

 To access the clubhouse, individuals must:

• Be an active member of the club or a guest/visitor with a pre-booked tee time. 

• Not be in self-isolation nor be required to self-quarantine.

• Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms.



• There is no need to book a table or time to use the Oak Room and Marquee area.

• Wearing a face covering will not be required.

• 4 people maximum to a table and all can be from different households with appropriate social distancing.

• Tables are not to be moved from their current position and seating only is permitted.

• Individual groups should not join up with others to form gatherings of more than six people. 

• A record of all members and guests will be maintained with appropriate contact details collected to support the NHS Test and Trace service. This temporary record will be retained for 21 days before being destroyed securely.

• Temperature checks will not be taken but please do not enter the Marquee or Oak Room if you feel unwell before or after your round.

• The clubhouse will close at the prescribed closing times as communicated.  

• All members and guests must sanitise their hands before entering the Oak Room.

Observe social distancing at all times. Failure to observe social distancing could result in refusal of service. The police and local authorities have the power to visit at any time and take appropriate enforcement action that could ultimately risk the Club’s alcohol license or impose a heavy fine.

• Golf shoes with soft-spikes and are clean will be permitted within the Oak Room


Ordering Food and Drink

• All directional signage must be adhered to at all times.

• Social distancing markers must be adhered to if queuing.

• Orders will be placed at the bar by one person within your group.   

• A restricted menu will be in operation with changing specials.

• Menus will be displayed on chalk boards and updated daily. No physical menus will be available.

Contactless is the preferred method of payment

• Bar card top-ups for members must be done by contactless debit/credit card payment.


The Oak Room and Marquee  

 • There will be a maximum time limit of 60 minutes per table to ensure fair usage for all members. However, the management reserve the right to amend this dependent on usage of the facility by reducing or extending this limit on per day basis.

• All bar tops and tables will be cleaned frequently with appropriate sanitiser.

• Table clothes will not be used and tables will be sanitised regularly.

• A Hand sanitising station will be accessible when entering and leaving the Oak Room for members, guests and staff may use. 

• Please place your empty glasses and plates onto the designated table upon leaving. 

• Disposable cutlery will be in used. 

• All condiments and sweeteners will be supplied in individually portioned sachets and served at time of order. 

• All tables will be spaced to encourage social distancing.

• There will be one way in and one way out between the Oak Room and Marquee. All other doors are to remain closed and only golf club staff are to use the bar as a gateway through. 


Our guidelines and measures will be under constant review, updated as advice from government, health authorities and governing bodies.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


EBGC Team.