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The Seniors is the largest section at East Brighton Golf Club and if you are 55 years or age or over your automatically welcome to a friendly and informal busy golf itinerary throughout the year.

We have both a winter and summer league, 15 handicap qualifying competitions and 19 team fun events. In addition we have 4 knockout events where trophies are presented for all our major events at an end of year golf and annual dinner.

Weekly roll ups 3 times a week are held plus we have inter club activities with other sections of the club so there is a busy schedule to keep everyone involved and active.

As Senior Captain I host the Seniors Captains day in July, the Guest  Invitation, the Seniors Team Invitation and ‘Away Days’. All details are posted on the howdidido website or please see the Seniors Noticeboard or contact the office. 

It’s an honour to be Seniors Captain of East Brighton Golf Club. I and our Seniors Committee look forward to seeing as many of you throughout the year and welcome any new seniors to join us. 


Pete Bedwell

Seniors Captain 2020