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Continuing the theme of our club Ryder Cup weekend, today saw the 2nd Captain V Vice Captain Challenge Match. The teams all dressed in Red and Blue to fight it out a la Ryder cup style. Chris as Captain was of course team Europe and Darrell as Vice-Captain took on the team USA colours. This is yet another chance for the Captain or Vice to gain bragging rights for the year. It was a great day and everyone really got into the spirit of the Match, with the stunning golf in Paris spurring players on. The Winner was Vice Captain Darrell and his USA Team, despite the fantastic European result in Paris!

The event raised over £500 for the Captains fund, thank you to everyone who took part. Chris Poulton did a marvellous job in organising his two boys and supplying the flags. Congratulations to Tony and Val who won the Ryder Cup sweepstake having predicted the winning score of 171/2 - 101/2 and won £100. Chris would like to thank Brian Oliver for arranging the draw.