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Members Rules


East Brighton Golf Club is constituted as a Limited Company and all members are bound by the terms contained in the Articles of Association and Rules.

The Club shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to any member, guest or visitor, or to their property, from any cause whatsoever.

Consideration for Other Players

In the interest of all, players should play without delay. No player should play until the players in front are out of range. When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.

Single players have no standing on the Course and shall give way to a match of any kind.

Three or Four Ball matches must give way to Two Ball matches.

Players searching for a ball should signal to the players behind to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found; they should not search for the full allotted time of 3 minutes before doing so.

Players must on no account cut in unless the preceding hole is clear. Players cutting in must always give way to players playing a full round.

If a match fails to keep its place on the Course and loses in distance more than one clear hole on the players in front, it shall be passed on a request being made.

No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball.


Care of the Course

All players must rake bunkers, replace divots and repair pitch marks.


Golf Buggies & Trolleys

The notices on Golf Buggies must be strictly observed; trolleys must not be taken onto greens or teeing areas under any circumstances.

Rules and Etiquette of Golf

All persons playing the Course shall at all times observe the rules of the game of golf which shall be those approved from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, together with such local rules as the Committee shall from time to time determine. Such local rules shall be printed on the back of the scorecard and any amendment thereto shall be displayed on the appropriate notice board in the Clubhouse.

Competitions and Marking of Cards

All cards must be signed by the playing member and an approved marker, with any alteration being initialled by the marker. All completed cards must be entered on the PSI screen and deposited in the scorecard box, located in the main hallway.

All entrants must sign in and pay the appropriate entrance fee prior to play. Failure to comply with this rule will mean disqualification.

Members entering competitions and not turning up to play at the given time without having given notice of cancellation to the Pro Shop could be banned for up to three competitions as notified in writing by the Club. 


Practice on the Course

Practice on the course is not permitted in any circumstances.


No member shall admonish or reprimand any employee of the Club. Complaints about anyone or anything to do with the Club must be made in writing to the Chairman of the Board or in his/her absence to any Officer of the Management Committee.



Any suggestions concerning the Club should be emailed to the office.



Members may introduce guests to the Clubhouse and Course on payment of such green fees as may be prescribed by the Committee from time to time. The Visitors Book kept in the Professional’s Shop must be correctly entered and signed and the appropriate green fee paid before commencement of play. Such playing guests must display the issued coloured tag on their golf bag indicating that such green fee has been paid and such guest shall only be permitted to play on the date for which the said tag is issued.

Five-day members may play the Course on weekends at the privileged green fee rate.



The Clubhouse shall be opened at 06.30 hours daily and closed one hour after the bar closure time.



Opening hours will be displayed on the notice board in the Clubhouse.



Catering hours will be displayed on the notice board in the Clubhouse throughout the year and outside of those hours by prior arrangement with the Caterer (subject to numbers).


Dress Code

Members are required to adhere to the Dress Code at all times. 



Every Member must inform the Office of any change of address and / or email and all notices posted to such address or email shall be considered as having been duly delivered.



Under no circumstances whatsoever shall any Member take away from the Club’s premises any newspaper, pamphlet, book, article or any other property belonging to the Club. Any Member breaking or damaging the property of the Club shall report such damage to the office and, at the discretion of the Committee, may be required to make good such damage in full.



Under no circumstances shall dogs be allowed in the Clubhouse or on the Course with the exception of official Assistant Dogs.


Any matters not provided for in the Rules or the Articles of Association of East Brighton Golf Club Limited shall be decided by the Management Committee, whose decision is final, unless set aside subsequently by a General Meeting of Members.

By Order of the Management Committee

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