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East Brighton Golf Club is steeped in tradition with many great golfing memories and experience. Past presidents include the Marquis of Abergavenny, the Earl of Chichester, Field Marshall Earl Haig and the Duke of Norfolk. If you take a trip around our Club House you will see many more familiar names on our honours boards.

Circa 1890, Mr Steyning Beard, a local landowner received a letter from a Mr Abbey with a request to rent sufficient land for a nine hole course to accommodate 20-30 players at a rental of £15 per annum. This was agreed on 12th May 1893 and the Ovingdean Golf Club was formed. The first AGM was held in October 1893.

The Club name was changed to Kemp Town Golf Club and the permitted membership increased. A new Lease was obtained and Mr Steyning Beard was asked to be a Vice President which he accepted.

In 1901 it was proposed to change the name of the Club to Brighton and Kemp Town Golf Club, however Brighton and Hove Golf Club objected anticipating some confusion with this name so in June 1901 the Club became East Brighton Golf Club Limited and remains so today. 

David Lloyd GeorgeIn 1905 work commenced on a Club House and it was opened in November 1905. At this time extra ground was obtained by lease and William Park and James Braid were invited to tender for a contract to design a course on 130 acres. James Braid secured the contract and the work was completed ready for opening on 23rd May 1908. The course today is more or less as it was designed by James Braid.

When Mr Steyning Beard died in 1912 the Club was asked if it wanted to purchase the land. The terms were not acceptable to the club and it was subsequently sold to Brighton Council for £30,000. The Club rented the course from the Council for a peppercorn rent of £200 rising to £4000 by 1992. At this time the Council attempted to increase the rent to £80,000 per annum. This was not accepted, and the Club went to arbitration. The club won their case and the rent was set at £9000 per annum. Negotiations between the Club and the Council were then opened with the objective of purchasing the land and the East Brighton Golf Club bought the land in December 1996 for £600,000.

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James Braid
The course today is more or less as it was designed by James Braid.