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East Brighton GC


East Brighton Golf Club was founded on 14th October 1893. It was originally called Ovingdean Golf club and was later changed to Kemptown Golf Club at the first AGM. 

A further move to call it Brighton & Kemptown Golf Club was thwarted by an objection from Brighton & Hove Golf Club fearing it might be confused with them. Brighton & Hove now a nine-hole course was in those days 18 holes and predates us by six years having formed in 1887 making them the oldest course in Sussex. The annual subscription in those days was 1 guinea or £1.05p.

East Brighton Golf Club is steeped in tradition with many great golfing memories and experience. Past presidents include the Marquis of Abergavenny, the Earl of Chichester, Field Marshall Earl Haig, and the Duke of Norfolk.  

Our Centenary Year in 1993 was a huge success but started with a break-in that robbed us of nearly all our silverware but concluded with our Centenary Ball in the new £10M Grand Ballroom at the Grand Hotel attended by 400 members and guests. 

In the 30 years since, we’ve purchased the course from the council for £600k and changed the structure to how it operates today with a Management and Captains Committee. 

As well, we’ve harnessed the introduction of membership equality and the ever-evolving requirements of health and safety in the clubhouse and on the course.

In 1905, work commenced on the Club House and it was opened in November 1905. At this time extra ground was obtained by lease and William Park and James Braid were invited to tender for a contract to design a course on 130 acres. James Braid secured the contract, and the work was completed ready for opening on 23rd May 1908. The course today is more or less as it was designed by James Braid.

The current clubhouse was built in 1905 and has undergone several changes over the years but the original is still easily recognisable. If you take a trip around our Clubhouse, you will see many more familiar names on our honour’s boards.


A scene on the East Brighton golf course, which is perched on the Downs, overlooking the town. Playing his shot is the club’s professional golfer, Charles Parsons, who has been with the club for 36 years. According to the original caption, he has been professional champion of Sussex five times and is the only man alive who has hit 18 holes in one. In the foreground is Charles Morris, the captain of the club, who is described in the original caption as “shipbuilder, inventor and engineer, a well-known Brighton sportsman and citizen”. In the background, two local bus drivers can be seen playing a round before they begin work.